Sister Hestia


"When I first heard of CSX, I considered rushing because I didn’t know many people at UTSC and it can be hard to make new friends. Then I heard about the philanthropic work CSX does, and I made up my mind that this was something I definitely wanted to be a part of. CSX is a great way to make friends on campus who share your values, who will support and encourage you in whatever task or goal you set out to achieve, and who know the importance of working hard, but also of playing hard. I am normally shy among new people, but it didn’t take long for me to feel welcome and at home in CSX, and I’m excited to take on new challenges and have new adventures with this amazing group of girls!"

Sister Hypatia


"Not a lot of people from my high school came to UTSC, so when I got here I had to find new friends all on my own. I decided to rush CSX because I thought it would be a great way to meet new people, and because I loved the idea of being part of a sisterhood. I’m really glad I did, because CSX introduced me to some amazing girls who I never would have met otherwise, and opened my eyes to some of the great things about UTSC. In joining CSX I have found a wonderful support system of girls who will always have my back. I have had opportunities to have fun with my friends and give back to the community. At the same time, I get to watch my fellow sisters succeed in everything they want to do, and work with them to make CSX even more great. I’ve been in CSX for about a year now, and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store!"

Sister Nesoi


"I am an international student and being an international student means you’re on your own for everything. After spending 3 years in UofT I started getting very comfortable with my own clique, when one day I felt I should go out of my comfort zone and join Chi Sigma Xi. Sororities are very famous for hazing and bullying in the typical chick flicks that we all watch, which was one of the reasons I was slightly reluctant to join it, but upon joining CSX I found that it was completely different. All the sisters were extremely understanding, caring and inspiring! It has just been 4 months since I crossed but I already feel like I have a beautiful family in Toronto! I hope to grow more and make all my sisters very proud of me someday!"

Sister Thrasos


"No regrets in joining a organization surrounded by a charismatic and driven group of young ladies! The experience of being part of a sisterhood is much more than hosting parties, collaborating on events that best represent our sisterhood or volunteering with various non profit organizations! The facts listed above sound fantastic on paper.... But what I realized up until this year is that I have only experienced the surface level of what it's like to be a fellow sister. I have witnessed many sisters achieving their goals and I am truly proud to be part of an organization that continuously makes us all better people. We have created a platform built on honesty, integrity, and strength and I sure hope at my best I will exemplify these qualities as I know many of my sisters have already reached that point!"

Sister Kaia


"I heard about Chi Sigma Xi from before I began my time at UTSC, and from the get go I knew it was an organization that I wanted to learn more about. Attending the rush events and meeting all of the amazing sisters just solidified the fact that CSX was something that I wanted to be involved in. Everything that we stand for as a sorority are things that I feel strongly about myself, so it was no question that it was a perfect match for me. Becoming a sister of Chi Sigma Xi has brought me nothing but happiness with the work that we have done in the community and with ourselves, and I'm still so glad that I decided to take that step in my first year and rush. The past 4 years as a sister has brought me so many new and amazing friends and opportunities for us to show what being part of our Sisterhood is all about. Without Chi Sigma Xi as part of my university life, I can bet that my experience at school would have been much, much different."

Sister Drea


"I came to UTSC not knowing anybody and during my first year I found it very difficult to make real friendships. During rush I met so many amazing girls and am lucky enough to call them my friends and sisters. The sisters of CSX have supported me and pushed me to become a more confident and focused person. Being a part of CSX also opened a network of opportunities allowing me to become more involved on and off campus. Becoming a sister has made my university experience more memorable and a lot more fun!"

Sister Cleo


"I always wanted to join a sorority. I immediately felt accepted and comfortable with the sisters I encountered at each rush event. It was a way to get involved in campus life that had a little bit of everything: philanthropy, social events, academic support and overall a whole network of girls I can turn to for anything. Through CSX, I've been able to take on leadership roles and get involved around campus. The best part is having sisters of all ages and life stages who have all gone through UTSC by my side for whatever else comes my way."

Sister Theora


"When I was in second year, I knew that I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and meet more people. CSX was the perfect opportunity for me to meet new sisters and create lasting friendships with them. It's a really great feeling to be able to recognize a familiar face in the lecture halls. We get to study together and push each other to make it through the course. The CSX sorority is such a supportive community and I am so happy that I joined."

Sister Era


"I always wanted to join a sorority and CSX was UTSC based and filled with a group of women that I can connect with. Since day 1 I have felt welcomed and loved. I enjoy the sister bonding events we have, and meeting new sisters as they join! And the fact that they would come out of their way to support me for my music performances - that's true sisterhood to me."

Sister Selene


"Chi Sigma Xi meant everything to me throughout my university years and to the moment. From new friendships to new ideas to being able to direct your passions for a strong community and to simply be you with your sisters. As one of the founding sisters of Chi Sigma Xi, it has helped me emotionally to connect with like-minded individuals, create a community within UTSC and balance and focus my academic life with my social life. Throughout the community service and fundraising activities CSX has always organized, I was able to be very involved in the community of Scarborough and it helped me discover some of my passions."


To find out more about why YOU should join CSX, visit our Join! page

To find out more about why YOU should join CSX, visit our Join! page