Rush: Formal recruitment period of the sorority at the beginning of the semester, where events are thrown to recruit new members.  

Chapter: A particular sorority on a single campus. UTSC homes our chapter and is where we were founded, and therefore where our priorities lie.  

Prospect: A student who is interested in joining the sorority and is a potential candidate for Membership. Attends Rush events.  

Bid: Formal invitation to pledge for the sorority, which is given to a prospect during rush.  

Pledge: Temporary/probationary member of the sorority undergoing pledgeship. 

Pledgeship: Period where pledges are educated about the sorority’s ideals, operation, and history, and where their level of commitment and character are tested. 

Sister: Lifetime member of the sorority who has completed pledgeship and gone through initiation. 

Active: A sister who is still enrolled in university as a student. 

Alumnus/Alumni: A sister who has graduated from university.   

Philanthropy: Caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing public good. Often includes volunteerism and charitable initiatives.