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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie themed poster containing the dates for our Fall 2019 Rush.

Recruitment is open!

To be eligible for bid, please attend 1 info session and (minimum) 2 rush events. 

For all events meet in front of Tim Hortons in Bladen Wing @ 5:45 pm. 

All female identifying students welcome (trans inclusive).

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  • The first step of becoming a sister is to attend our Rush.
  •  Rush is a series of events hosted by Chi Sigma Xi at the beginning of each term, giving you the opportunity to spend time with sisters and see if CSX is the right fit for you. 
  • By attending Rush events, you may be offered a Bid. This is an invite to become a Pledge and continue on your path to becoming a sister! 

To learn more about the Greek system, view our glossary of terms:


Why Join chi sigma xi?

Perks Of Being A Sister

- CSX is completely free to join and does not charge any dues as we understand the tight financial situation our students may face.

- CSX offers students a broad range of university experiences including on campus involvement, leadership opportunities, social activities, volunteer opportunities, business skill development, academic support, and more!

- CSX has ZERO TOLERANCE for hazing and abides by a strict no hazing policy.

- CSX offers the opportunity to make diverse friendships with women you may not have otherwise gotten to meet, giving you the chance to connect with people across different academic programs and cultural backgrounds.

- CSX offers early year students an opportunity to meet and befriend upper years who they can turn to for guidance and advice on life, school, and everything in between.

- CSX puts academics first. We know the pressures of university and are understanding if you need to prioritize school. We believe sororities are more than the stereotype. We are very academically driven, and offer many academic resources to sisters.

- CSX sisterhood means there's always study space. We definitely know the struggles of finding a place on campus to study which is why we often book study rooms. Plus with a large group of sisters, there is always someone on campus you can join to study by messaging the group chat! You may have even seen us studying on campus late at nights

- CSX's shared locker on campus is stocked with supplies for sisters to borrow/use in case of emergencies (pillow, blanket, feminine products, snacks, etc).


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