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  • The first step of becoming a sister is attending our Rush.
  • Rush is a series of events hosted by Chi Sigma Xi providing the opportunity to spend time with sisters and see if CSX is the right fit for you. 
  • By attending Rush events, you may be offered a Bid. This is an invite to become a Pledge and continue on your path to becoming a sister!


  • You must attend a minimum of two Rush events plus one of the info sessions (but ideally we would love to see you come out as much as you can). 
  • You must be a current student at the University of Toronto (in any year of study) and identify as a female (*trans inclusive) 
  • Events will be shared on our social media pages.  For more info contact us and we'd be more than happy to answer any questions.  

Why Join Chi Sigma Xi?

Our goal is to provide you with a family of women who support you to be the best you can be.


  • CSX is completely free to join and does not charge any dues (sorority fees) as we understand the tight financial situation we students can face. 
  • CSX offers students a broad range of university experiences including on-campus involvement, leadership opportunities, social activities, volunteer opportunities, business skill development, academic support and more!
  • CSX has ZERO TOLERANCE for hazing and abides by a strict no hazing policy. 
  • CSX offers the opportunity to make diverse friendships with women you may not have otherwise gotten to meet, giving you a chance to make friends across different academic programs and multicultural backgrounds.
  • CSX offers early year students an opportunity to meet and befriend upper years who you can turn to for guidance and academic advice from personal things to asking details about a certain class they’ve already taken! Not only are there sisters in all academic years, but alumni offer resources from around the world and are always more than happy to be contacted by new members!
  • CSX offers leadership and networking opportunities. As a sister, there is opportunity for leadership roles within CSX that develop vital skills to be used in the work force and can help build your resume. Also Sisters and alumi will often advise on job opportunities they come across with other CSX members. 
  • CSX shares a library of used textbooks which has allowed sisters to save upwards of ~$2000 on books in just one semester!
  • As we are founded at UTSC, CSX membership offers great UTSC resources. Between active and alumni sisters, there is always someone who is either taking or has already taken a class you are in, and someone who had gone through what you are going through.
  • CSX offers a chance to get involved in a wide range of activities and experiences! We value academics, social life and philanthropy. As a sisterhood we have many social events and outings throughout the year and often get group rates giving sisters the chance to experience a wide range of activities, for example: laser quest, escape rooms, medieval times, as well as girls-nights-in. We also participate in philanthropic efforts such as group volunteering and fundraising.
  • As we are founded at UTSC, we have established a presence on campus having thrown events over the past several years including: parties, philanthropic initiatives and donation drives.
  • CSX puts academics first. We know the pressures of university and are understanding if you need to prioritize school and make a deadline. We believe sororities are more than the stereotype. CSX is very academically driven, and offers many academic resources to fellow sisters.
  • CSX sisterhood means there's always study space. We definitely know the struggles of finding study space on our campus which is why we often book study rooms. Plus with such a large group of sisters there is always someone on campus you can join to study by messaging in our groups! You may have even seen a group of us studying late night on campus.
  • CSX offers a chance to make contacts across the globe. With over half of the sorority's members being international students, ΧΣΞ is culturally diverse and globally connected. 
  • CSX’s shared locker on campus is stocked with supplies for sisters to borrow/use in case of emergencies (pillow, blanket, feminine products, snacks etc). These become extra useful during late night study sessions!  

If you would like to know more about CSX and how you can become a sister you are welcome to contact us or check out our social media pages! CSX is about creating bonds and having a network of women you can turn to at UTSC (and around the world) that know what you're going through and stand by your side.