Why Chi sigma xi

Sister Themistoclea

"Our sisters are loyal, intelligent, and not to mention hilarious. Always focused on bringing girls up, spreading wholesome supportive energy to all women of all walks of life."

Sister Io

"These girls are the human form of the 100 emoji"

Sister Amara

"As VP Marketing I've been able to strengthen my leadership skills and carry those skills with me in my professional life as well. CSX has given me a sense of community that I never thought I'd find at UofT"

Sister Circe

"The best part about joining was that I was surrounded by women I can happily call my closest friends, people who will go on last minute walks in the Bluffs to catch the sunset or go to the city to try as much food as possible. These memories are the greatest gift Chi Sigma Xi has given me"

Sister Olympia

"It is so incredible to be able to meet and connect with such amazing and intelligent women who empower one another and push each other to be the best versions of oneself"

Sister Theora

"It's a really great feeling to be able to recognize a familiar face in the lecture halls. We get to study together and push each other to make it through the course."