Who Are We?

Chi Sigma Xi Sorority is a multicultural sorority that was founded at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus.


Our values intend to build women with morals and goals. We do so by supporting one another and helping each other be the best we can be in all areas of life. 

Our core functions include: Philanthropy (volunteering and fundraising), Social Activities (internal and campus wide events and excursions), Multiculturalism, Academic/Professional Advancement (study groups, used textbook library, professional networking, etc). 

Our Core Values

Sisterhood and Friendship


Sisterhood within Chi Sigma Xi extends beyond campus life. 

Long lasting friendships and unity are created through the support and engagement of all the sisters within the sorority. 

The Sisterhood department plays a big role in upholding these values in each sister. 

Sisterhood works on the internal aspects of our sorority ensuring that all sisters; make connections with one another, work together, uphold our values and most importantly, feel a sense of family within Chi Sigma Xi. 

We are always working to plan events for our sisters to relax, let loose and bond. We support one another and work as catalysts for each sister to achieve their personal goals with the help of the sorority. 

One sisterhood, one goal, one Chi Sigma Xi!  

Academics and Leadership


Sisters of Chi Sigma Xi value academics and are developmentally driven. We want to ensure your university education and future career avenues are fully supported. 

We offer many academic resources, some of which include a free textbook library, study space, group study sessions, and advice from sisters on classes they have previously taken.

Chi Sigma Xi also wishes to support your personal development. We offer leadership opportunities through roles available, both within the sorority and through sisters are professionally involved externally. Chi Sigma Xi also provides a network of sisters and alumi working in varying fields across the globe that can connect you to jobs now and in the future.

We believe in empowering women through shared opportunities and teamwork.



Chi sigma Xi is proudly a multicultural sorority!

Our sisters are from a diverse collection of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, beautifully representing the home where we were founded, UTSC.

Not only do we have sisters of different ethnic backgrounds, but we have international sisters and alumni living all over the world. 

Chi Sigma Xi encompasses the different strengths and knowledge from different cultures all over the world in order to celebrate equality.   
Chi Sigma Xi strives to eliminate gender, cultural, ethnic, and social inequality in the community.

We foster our multiculturalism by encouraging sisters to share and celebrate in their culture through events and general discourse.

Philanthropy and the Community


 Chi Sigma Xi is dedicated to making a difference and strives to inspire each other to build a better world.  
We believe there are many deserving causes and many ways to contribute to our communities and get involved. This is why Chi Sigma Xi does not commit to one single organization, but prefers to help out diverse organizations benefitting their campus community, the Greater Toronto community, as well as the global community. We do this through various humanitarian efforts including fundraising, awareness campaigns and volunteering. Some of the organizations we have worked with include (but are not limited to):